Welcome to The Cubby Hole Online!

The Cubby Hole is a family business, created, owned and operated by Nancy & Dale Tosh. Being in business for over 32 years, we have grown with the industry, consistently upgraded our equipment, and sought out the newest technologies available. We take pride in our experience and our ability to create the highest quality products and services, we would like to thank our long-standing customers. Without their loyalty and their continued referrals, we would not be where we are today!

The Cubby Hole
12472 Route 108
Carlinville, IL 62626
Phone: (800) 235-2071
Fax: (217) 854-5306
Email: info@cubbyholeonline.com

Carlinville is about 45 miles south of our capital, Springfield and about 50 miles north of St. Louis, Missouri (across the river). Carlinville was voted “One of the best 100 small towns in America.” where a hand shake and a persons word is still good business.