Are there times you need a little something extra to go with your custom apparel to promote your team, company, or event? Well, The Cubby Hole partners with SAGE to offer a huge inventory of great promotional products to choose from! We offer anything from stadium cups to car flags and everything in between…all featuring your logo!

In marketing a business, getting exposure and building the brand of your company or non-profit is essential. Most large firms rely on the power of the mass media. Mass media in form of television, radio, newspaper and magazine are great tools to reach the minds of millions of people at the same time. Nonetheless, not many small businesses can afford to pay for 30 seconds of airtime on TV or even a full page ad on a glossy magazine. The good thing is that marketing and promotional products exist to fulfill the needs of business when it comes to brand building and brand identity.

Promotional products are used to promote brand and corporate identity. They are used as giveaways at events, exhibitions, trade shows, for customer referrals, and as customer gifts. Almost anything can be branded with a company’s name or logo and used for promotion. Common items include can coolies, pens, mugs, key chains, lanyards, bags, or mouse pads. Although brand awareness is the most common use for promotional products, other objectives that marketers use promotional products for include, employee relations and events, tradeshow traffic-building, public relations, new customer generation, employee service awards, non-profit programs, internal incentive programs, and safety education programs.